JavaFX 3D Editor

About the features of the JavaFX-3D-Editor.

With the JavaFX-3D-Editor you can create 3D models and animate them.
With the update 8 the JavaFx-3D-Editor is comming up in a new design you can see in the picture on the right.

Painting of graphic-objects (GO):

  • rectangle
  • ellipse

Manipulation of the graphic-properties

  • color
  • size
  • position (x,y,z)
  • rotaion (x-, y-, z-axis)
  • other graphic properties depending on the implementation of the go

Summarizing of multiple GO to complex-graphic-object (CGO which is also a GO), give them a name and manipulate:

  • rotation
  • position

Single animation (Update 9)

  • Set up an animation to a GO
  • Change properties and duration of the animation

Handling GOs

  • copy and paste of GO
  • save and open dxml-files

Useable dimension area 

  • Rotation of the whole area
  • Shows the rotation axis and levels 
  • Mouse rotation can be enabled
  • Zoom

Sources and jar-file:

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