Sonntag, 24. August 2014

JavaFX-3D-Editor - Update 10

Hey hey, this is update 10 of the JavaFX-3D-Editor (Fx3De).

With this update you got two new features. 

  1.  A loading bar in the menu bar.
  2.  The ability to zoom into the painting area.

Check out the sources and try it:

For a whole list of features check out the full description:

Dienstag, 19. August 2014


This little feature is an extraction of my JavaFX-3D-Editor you can see on the post:

It is about Objects including properties. Properties may has to be changed during the execution of a program. JavaFX gives a nice implementation for properties. One benefit of them is binding. That means that you can bind two properties. Let's say we bind property A to B.
If I change the value of property B, the value of A will be updated by the JavaFX Framework. I use this feature very often.
This little implementation (I don't want to call it framework, because it too small) provides a UI to change properties of an object. This properties can be bind to an other property and will be updated as soon as you change the property in the UI.

You can find the implementation on:

Just include the jar-file into your build-path.

The following little example shows the using of the PropertiesOnChange.

  1. Include the jar-file into your build-path.
  2. Set up you Class including the properties
    public class TestPropertyObject {
     DoubleProperty testProperty = new SimpleDoubleProperty();
     @Property(hasChildren=false, name="test")
     public DoubleProperty getTestProperty() {
      return testProperty;
     @PropertyChange(hasChildren = false, name = "test")
     public void setTestProperty(double value) {
  3. Include the UI into a stage and set up the property-object to the UI.
    public class Lauch extends Application {
     public void start(Stage stage) throws Exception {
      GUIManipulatingMenu guiManipulatingMenu = new GUIManipulatingMenu();
      guiManipulatingMenu.setPropertyObject(new TestPropertyObject());
      Scene s = new Scene(guiManipulatingMenu);
     public static void main(String[] args) {
  4. Do some changes!

Give me some feedback, please ;-)

Sonntag, 17. August 2014

JavaFX-3D-Editor - Update 9

Here comes the latest update of the JavaFX-3D-editor.

With this update you are able to work with animations.

Unfortunately you cannot save them. But you can show them. 
Just select an GO and open the menu "Animation". There you can setup the time and the properties you want to change.

Watch the Video to get an idea of the handling of animations:

Have fun!

If you want to contact me use my emailadress:

Or follw me on twitter:

You will find the sources on github:

Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

JavaFx-3D-Editor Patch 8.1

This is a bugfix from the last update (8). If you noticed you can not save an ellipse. You can paint them and modify them but there was no chance to persist them.

With this patch you will be able to do this!

So check out the latest version of the JavaFx-3d-Editor.


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Mittwoch, 6. August 2014

JavaFx-3D-Editor - Update 8

With this update the JavaFx-3D-Editor got a new design. You don’t have to handle different windows and put them in position. There is one window which contains all menus you need to create your 3D model.
Notice many of the features form other updates are unnecessary for now. (E.g. the M-Button of the menus)

I said something about animation of graphic-objects in further posts. This function doesn’t come with this update. It will be published with the next ;-)

Have a look at the sources:

Or load the JavaFx-3D-Editor as jar-file:

If you want to give comments as personal message use my email-adress:

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And share it!

Samstag, 2. August 2014

SubScene works

Year it works!

The SubScene comming with java8 solved the problem I had with the including of a perspective camera into a node that is a child of a main scene.

So the new gui is prepared:

But there is another propblem comming with the SubScene:

  1. The nodes inserted into the root element of the SubScene are rendered quiet bad. Looks like I have to repaint them sometimes.
  2. The performance was better when using a separated Stage. You won't record that while handling a little amount of graphic elements. But if you load this house you will see the problem. 

No update for a long long time

The reason for the fact that there is no update since weeks is the restructure of the gui. I didin't like the many  moveable views any more. So there is the time for a new ui where you can act into one window. It is more useable than many windows.

To set the position of the menus was no problem.
In futur you will find them on the left side.
The MenuBar on top of the old design will stay.
The different PaintingAreas will fix their position next to the menus, like you can see in pic 1.

pic 1

But there is (or actually was) a propblem. To work with 3D graphics you need a perspective camera on your scene. When I separeted the PaintingArea it was no problem because I used a single stage with a scene for every Painting Area. Now I want to integrate the PaintingArea and can not use a scene. Of cause, I can set up a perspective camera to the main scene. But if I do this, every 3D graphic object could lay over any menu. That doesn't look cute and is not useable.

But I read that java 8 will fix the problem with subscene ;-)
Hope it works.