Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Step 8 - Building a house

Next step is to beginn with the building of the roof.
You have to build four brown rectangle to a big wood. The first four woods are on top of the last row of stone blocks. The other ones are rotated by 45° in  both directions of the z-axis. Five of them in the one direction and 5 in the other direction. Then every two woods rotated in different directions have to cover each other on the top. That is for the piek. Then you have to set them on top of the four woods on top of the stone blocks. Pay attention to the position of the piek. The piek has to be in the middle of the house.
I know there are some blocks lost. But I had no time to fix this.

This is the file to load the actual building: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1zC0qGiWz40ZkdWa1RMSVpoY28/edit?usp=sharing

Give comments and share, please.

Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

Animations with JavaFx-3D editor

This is a new feature of the JavaFx-3D editor comming soon.

See the video to get an idea of it.

If you want to try it, see the branch animation in the repo on github: https://github.com/gundermann/JFX3D
ATTENTION: only some properties are availeble for animation (rotation and position). And animation can not be saved jet.

If you are interested share this post, please.
For bugs and feedback send me an email, please.

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Step 7 - Building a house

Here comes a new part of the example of building a house with the JavaFX-3D-Editor.

Without a door you can't get in. So there is a little wooded door on the front site. You will see it in the picture. Therefore I build wood with 6 brown rectangles. 5 big woods for the front and 2 little once for the back. Between the 5 gib woods I set a little space so that you can look trough them. If you want to know how to build this door please load the appended file called step7.dxml into the JavaFX-3D-Editor and split the component called door. (You will find the file in the whole example at the link below) Maybe it is better to summarize all other componentes to a componente calle house to differentiate them from the door components.

Can look through the door

Have a look at the whole example: http://javafxstuff.blogspot.de/p/javafx-3d-editor-building-house.html

If you try it please send me some feedback or wishes.
I hope I can show you some new features this week but the weather in germany is not good for coding ;-)

For feedback you got my email adress: gundermann.niels.ng@googlemail.com

You can download the sources on github: https://github.com/gundermann/JFX3D

And also follow me on twitter: @NGJFXaA

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Building a house - Step 6

It takes time to build it up. I found some bug I had to fix last week. So I only can show you three big
walls. Next week I need a door for the house- Somebody who want to try out?

This is the dxml-file for this step: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1zC0qGiWz40YXlzOFpLT2pOaVU/edit?usp=sharing

Also follow on twitter: @NGJFXaA

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

JavaFX 3D Editor - Update 7

Here is the description of the new update. This week I only fixed some bugs. I found them by building a model of a house. You can follow the project on this site: http://javafxstuff.blogspot.com/p/javafx-3d-editor-building-house.html

Also follow on twitter for latest updates and bugfixes: @NGJFXaA

Here are the updates:
  1. If you save complex graphic objects (cgo) you will find some new tags in the dxml-file. These tags are used to save the name an position of the cgo.
    --> ATTENTION: dxml-schema had changed!!!
  2. Making a copy of an graphic object (go) will duplicate the right og. In the past it doesn't matter if you copieed a second or following og. The editor had inserted the first duplicated og.
  3. The background of a cgo is transparent and not white anymore.
  4. If you delete a og from the components menu it will be deleted from the painting area.
For errors and feedbacks plaese send me an email: gundermann.niels.ng@googlemail.com

You can find the sources on: https://github.com/gundermann/JFX3D