Sonntag, 7. September 2014

JavaFx-3D-Editor - Update 11

It's been two weeks ago since you heard something of the Fx3De from myself.

The reason is that I tried to make the code of the program a bit more comfortable in order to make it easyer to implement new painting tools.
During this I change the notation of the .dxml-files. 

If you had already saved some 3d-models - sorry.
Joke! - If you have a .dxml-file you could use them with this update too.
The only thing you have to do for it, is to convert the files. 
Therefore you can use the converter-program I commited here:

Just choose your existing old .dxml-file and save it in the second step.
The editor will load the model with no difference.

Unfourtunally with this update you won't get any new tool.
But in this post you can read how to build your own painting tools:

If you want to try it - feel free to do it. But please sent me the code so that I can check this and give you the right to commit it ;-)

Have fun with the new update.


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