Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

JavaFX 3D Editor - Update 7

Here is the description of the new update. This week I only fixed some bugs. I found them by building a model of a house. You can follow the project on this site:

Also follow on twitter for latest updates and bugfixes: @NGJFXaA

Here are the updates:
  1. If you save complex graphic objects (cgo) you will find some new tags in the dxml-file. These tags are used to save the name an position of the cgo.
    --> ATTENTION: dxml-schema had changed!!!
  2. Making a copy of an graphic object (go) will duplicate the right og. In the past it doesn't matter if you copieed a second or following og. The editor had inserted the first duplicated og.
  3. The background of a cgo is transparent and not white anymore.
  4. If you delete a og from the components menu it will be deleted from the painting area.
For errors and feedbacks plaese send me an email:

You can find the sources on:

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