Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Step 7 - Building a house

Here comes a new part of the example of building a house with the JavaFX-3D-Editor.

Without a door you can't get in. So there is a little wooded door on the front site. You will see it in the picture. Therefore I build wood with 6 brown rectangles. 5 big woods for the front and 2 little once for the back. Between the 5 gib woods I set a little space so that you can look trough them. If you want to know how to build this door please load the appended file called step7.dxml into the JavaFX-3D-Editor and split the component called door. (You will find the file in the whole example at the link below) Maybe it is better to summarize all other componentes to a componente calle house to differentiate them from the door components.

Can look through the door

Have a look at the whole example:

If you try it please send me some feedback or wishes.
I hope I can show you some new features this week but the weather in germany is not good for coding ;-)

For feedback you got my email adress:

You can download the sources on github:

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